Research assistant for small and medium-sized companies to help teams implement analytics and monitor the right metrics. (more) Analytics, marketing
Smedge system involves the joint use of mobile apps and wearable electronics, the emphasis on the active use of IOT and smart devices (smart-watch, smart-band , etc.) (more) System for accounting work time and access control
Anonymous geolocation social network. (more) Information technology

Service for quick and easy parcel delivery using non-professional couriers.(more)
Logistic and transportation
Internet guide to the Crimea - Sea Gets Closer. (more) Tourism

LifeWays – designer events and an interactive map of all memories. (more)

Mobile application

Banked - application that connects people who need to withdraw cash and deposit cash into the account. (more)

Jogon - mobile application , where users can easily get acquainted with professional trainers and partners. (more) Sport / social networks
SoundFunding The project "3D Instruments" develops and sells desktop 3d- printers with print technology FDM ( printing plastic ABS, PLA and other materials) (more) Additive technology

Crowdfunding platform for interaction between fans and bands (more)


Mobile application for paid surveys. (more)

Mobile application 

Aggregator e-learning courses (more)

Web + mobile application

Educational platform for students and parents on the basis of artificial intelligence. (more)

Mobile application 

Service for quick and low-cost recruitment. (more)



QuBeQu Service and packaged solution that brings data from different systems into a convenient dashboards (more)  
Netbell HRM Online retail personnel management system for medium and large businesses (more)  

Corporate mobile app with social networs features (more)

Mobile application

The mobile application key to connect to an available network in no more than in one click. (more)

Mobile application
Store & Cash

Cloud services for small businesses. (more)


Corporate social network of company. (more)


Chip simulation system (more)

My Mall

Mobile application for mall. (more)


The system of online diagnostics and remote medical care. (more)


Pedestrian audio navigator. (more)


Interactive sales scripts. (more)



Platform to attract and retain customers. (more)


Dry cleaning and shoe repair. (more)



WiFi network as a tool to increase the loyalty of guests and promote sales (more)


Internet portal for athletes (more)


Company of professional e-mail marketing (more)

Monthly boxes surprise with the most interesting and useful innovations for children aged 0-5 years and their parents from the best manufacturers. (more) E-commerce
Designer online stores in the format Open Source (more) E-commerce
SaaS - solution to integrate a showcase of his shop in social networks (more) E-commerce
Advertising Agency (more) Marketing
HR agency for finding IT professionals (more) HR
System Automation targeted advertising in social networks (more) Marketing
Company to provide legal services in real estate (more) Consulting
B2B service for employee testing (more) E-commerce
Services for pre-order and payment of meals in restaurants. (more) E-commerce

Online auction of receivables. (more)
Factoring , online auction
A network of regional parcel pick-up offices (more) Logistic

Unique brand and philosophy for people keen on motorcycles and surfing (more)

Moto, ritail

Educational portal (more)


Playbill Online trainings, webinars, lectures and courses from around the RuNet. billboard (more)


Unified electronic book reviews and suggestions. Universal and open channel for applying to any company through a "single window" (more)


Tools for managing personal finances. (more)

Private finance

Chemotherapy drugs with reduced toxicity and increasing the therapeutic effect of the treatment (more)


Targeted advertising and exchange banners with pay-per-clicks, banner and rent month (more)


Web service for mass-events organizers. Provides a number of simple and useful functions that help to prepare the event effectively and in a short time. (more)


Universal platform for creating flash websites (more)

Website designing

Photobank, a portal for photographers (more)

Photobank, portal

Mobile polls  -  a tool for marketing and sociological research using mobile technology. (more)


Cooking portal for easy cooking. (more)


Promotion and PR of innovative companies and projects in Russia. (more)


Robot control system  via a web interface and streaming video augmented reality. (more)


Store of components ("mini-plug") for sites running on a 1C-Bitrix platform (more)

Website designing

Tool for the selection and evaluation of people flows of in a specific territory. (more)

Системы слежения

Internet tool for quick and accurate search of any serviceman (more)


Web service for event organizers and participants. Useful tool for the organizers to communicate with participants, so that everyone spends their time more effectively. (more)


Web service that helps companies monitor online advertising and other activities on the Internet. (more)


Interactive trading system which unites flower sellers and buyers in Russia and CIS. The company also provides consulting and training services for flower traders. (more)


Retirement funds broker company. Pensiamarket provides customers with information on private retirement funds and managing companies (more)


Roomix is a 3-D furniture catalogue that helps to create the design of your own room. (more)


System for work with people who are working part-time (more)



Native Speakers Club provides services of native speakers in 10 languages: English, Deutsch, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and Greek. (more)


The company provides sets up live concerts at restaurants and other leisure places, live music for events, organization of parties with DJs (more)

Services to reduce costs by working with China (more) Trade
The automatic internet-system of personal data protection (more) Information security
The automatic protection of the site and access 24x7 (more) Information security
Mobile application "Home Pharmacy " for the comparison of known drugs , generic research and writing on the diagnosis to the doctor. (more) Medicine, mobile application
Projects frozen
 Mobile application for visual search (more) Мобильные приложения
   Service to increase sales from social networking to online stores. (more)  E-commerce, SMM
Service for vendors and software vendors providing a platform for distributing software via file affiliate traffic.(more) Software distribution, affilate program

Interactive online system of children's motivation. (more)
Children's Internet-portal

Advertising agency of targeted advertising in social networks.(more)

Online service on the selection of advantageous offers repair. (more)
Service, auto
Urgent writing analytical reports (more) Marketing

Smart-books are 5-8 pages summaries of business literature which allow busy managers to read 150 books per year in just for 1 hour per week.(more) Education
Service for Internet users for learning through video (more) Education
Creating video cases for remote training (more) Education
HeyMoose! - affiliate network pay-per-action (more) Marketing
Farm market in the Internet (more) Healthy food