About Incubator

Business Incubator was founded in 2006 by students and professors of National Research University– Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow, and has quickly become a catalyst for student entrepreneurial activities far beyond its HSE walls.

 HSE Business Incubator is a department of National Research University “Higher School of Economics”.  Our main aim to provide an environment where young entrepreneurs can build and develop their own start-ups.  
HSE Business Incubator has a coworking space, where best startups (we call them “residents”) work and develop their own business.
Our basic projects are “Startup of the Year”, the international award for young entrepreneurs, the HSE/MATI Centre of Prototyping and 3D-modeling, Centre of Social Entrepreneurship, Case Championship “Zhelezny predprinimatel”, the contest of business projects HSE {K}.
We also organize workshops, contests, public seminars, meetings and consultancies with experts in business.
HSE Business Incubator is open for all student, staff, alumni  and friends of Higher School of Economics who want to learn more about business, innovations and entrepreneurship.
You’re welcome!



  • 1st Students’ Business Incubator in Russia (est. 2006)
  • >100 Events per year
  • >8000 Participants per year
  • 13 Startups in Residence
  • >100 million investments 
  • > 30 Projects Receiving Services on a Regular Basis
  • 136 Successful alumni



The Incubator concurrently hosts up to fifteen startup teams. Startups get a fully equipped office space, administrative and consulting support. They also enjoy free participation at HSE and industry events, and take full advantage of networking opportunities provided by the Incubator’s team.
In just 5 years since its inception, the Incubator became a starting ground for a number of well-known student companies: Native Speakers Club, Roomix, PensiaMarket, Wobot, TimePad, Mobiety, Topdelivery etc.

Now we have 2 special programs for startups

  • HSE{pro} is a program for the residents of our Incubator. It includes educational and consulting support as well as office space. Companies receive full support from the incubator team, experts and professional in various fields. The program of support depends on individual goals and needs of the residents. Together with the incubator team young entrepreneurs create and develop the strategy of their company, marketing plan, calculate the financial plan etc. The incubator offers a real opportunity to find a mentor from the professional and to raise the investment.
  • Social Accelerator social development of start-ups from the study of the project 's business model to the final presentation of the product , which allows participants to build a sustainable business.


Educational Department

Entrepreneurship Education

The Incubator capitalizes on the leading role of HSE as a provider of entrepreneurial knowledge. It runs courses in entrepreneurship as well as stand-alone seminars provided by real entrepreneurs. Over 60% of participants come from other schools (mostly technology-oriented), and almost all of them participate in other events organized by the Incubator. Currently, the Incubator offers the following courses in entrepreneurship:

  • How to Start a Successful Business, or Entrepreneurship 101,
  • Business Laboratory,
  • Creative Thinking in Business.


Business Project Competitions

Business project competitions serve an important purpose of popularizing entrepreneurship among students, searching for talented young entrepreneurs and “Next Big Thing” ideas.

  • HSE {10K} was initiated in 2006 as an analog for the MIT(100K) competition. It is a contest of students’ business projects – be it an idea or a young company.
  • Startup of the Year is another popular contest that attracts ambitious young entrepreneurs. They not only have to defend their business model, but present the audience with a short video about their startup. Winners of HSE {10K} and Startup of the Year receive cash prizes and a two-year residency at the Incubator.


Business games

The Incubator also runs less formal contests and business games as Iron Entrepreneur

  • Iron Entrepreneur started as a team-building tool for HSE{10K} and spread virally throughout the Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Kazakhstan. This game is very popular among technology students, as it allows to generate and present business ideas.


Infrastructural Development

  • HSE{sun} is a yearly summer conference for Russian entrepreneurial support organizations. The Incubator invites participants from other schools, technology parks, venture firms, private businesses and multinational corporations to discuss common challenges in fostering entrepreneurship, and collaborate on designing a more effective support infrastructure for innovative businesses.



The Incubator partners up with other organizations to run regular business and networking events for startups and young entrepreneurs. We have large network in Russia like BIT contest, Startup Weekend, Startup Point, Harvest, Greenfieldproject and many others.

Also we have a large international network of partners as MIT Enterprise Forum, MIT Global Startup Workshop, MassChallenge, Aalto Venture Garage and StartupSauna, University of Texas at Austin and so on.